Who is Boye Oloyede?

I am, Boye Oloyede, a learner with a passion for leadership, life and business development. This passion propels me to go above and beyond in providing help for people who want to get a grip and unleash their hidden gems.

With over 20 years of career experience spanning the areas of Management, I.T, People Development and Consulting, I had my engineering foundation laid in Yaba College of Technology, Yaba, Lagos. As a certified I.T. Specialist and a Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute, U.S.A. I have attended short courses from Business School Netherlands, Lagos Business School, Global Leadership Network, Chicago and other training institutions within and outside Nigeria. I hold a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Innovation, Leadership and Consulting from York St. John University, U.K.

As a Faculty in the renowned Daystar Leadership Academy, I lecture regularly on topics such as Systems Development, Organizational Development, Career Success, Team Building, Project Management, and Problem Solving as well as consulting for start-ups. As a seasoned facilitator, I have trained both Public & Private sector organizations and I love to engage people one-on-one and at seminars and conferences.

As a seasoned facilitator, I have trained both Public & Private sector organizations and I love to engage people one-on-one and at seminars and conferences.

In addition to serving as an Associate Pastor with Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, where I coordinate two departments, I run Hupo Consulting, a company that focuses on strategy, transformation and performance serving clients in the Agriculture, Health and Non-Profit sectors. As a Project Manager, I have successfully managed multi-million-naira projects across these sectors.

I enjoy having discussions that generate ideas and practical solutions to personal and business challenges.

Some of what I have done with my life wouldn’t have been possible but for the experience, I had in attempting what seem to be an impossible feat to many of my friends and family members. After my dad refused the idea of funding the programme, I couldn’t bring myself to just roll over and give up. Something inside me felt strongly that there must be a way.

And that was the beginning of a series of events that helped me turn around an impossible situation. I approached the school for a discount which they gave and my total fee got reduced to N115,000.00 and that was still an impossible figure. So, I went back to them and ask to pay in instalments… surprisingly they agreed to 3 instalments of 45-45-25. Mind you, I still don’t have the money for even the first instalment. Then, I figured if I could talk to people maybe I could get help. So, I started with my elder sister who had some money kept with her by a friend and I was able to convince her to loan me the money. With that 15,000 I went to the school and paid a deposit and asked for the materials, promising to pay up. In the process, I got a job and was able to pay up the first instalment and in time paid back my startup loan.

Then something amazing happened when I was approaching the payment of the second instalment. I got back from the training school one evening and met my dad behind his home office desk. He stopped me and began to ask questions about how I got the ideas and money to start the programme and after I explained, he said in a typical African dad way, no well done, no emotion shown, ‘Don’t worry about the remaining fees, I’ll take care of.

A lot of us are oblivious of the possibilities around us because we have our heads buried deep in the daily grind. That’s where I come in to lift your head and raise your sights, ultimately, I help you to flip on the switch of the light bulb of possibilities in your life and business