For a long time, I’ve dreamt of starting and running my personal website. Yes. You heard right. As one that likes to have everything sorted before starting out, I thought of the perfect website with everything perfectly done before launch. Contents populated and web design concept second to none. Three weeks of blog content in the cooler and every part of the journey for one year properly planned and sequenced ready for release each week.

Then the issue was not only about having everything planned; enter the question, so what are you going to be writing or talking about? Are you qualified? Who wants to listen to you? Do you have the right qualifications? Don’t you need an endorsement of some sort? Can you write? Who will listen or read what you write? These questions and many others led to paralysis of thoughts, which led to inaction.

Everyday, I’d carried the burden of desire to write and express my heart. Everyday I’d look out through the window of opportunities only to be defined by the size of the window I’m looking out through.

Today, I’ve decided to fail forward and just start…

I decided to stop looking through the window of opportunity and step out of my confinement to view the vast sky of opportunities without being defined by the size of my window.

This is my first message to everyone… JUST START. It’s good to prepare but start anyway. Don’t wait for perfect weather, because there will never be one. Seize the moment start. If you dreamt of flying; start by crawling. Today’s crawling cannot limit you from you dream of flying; it only helps make you better than the crowd of ‘IF ONLYs’, glued to their comfort zone of wishful thinking.

The resources may not seem enough, start anyway. I have found out that it is easier to attract help while attempting something than it is when there is no proof of desire around. People may laugh at you, they may think you are crazy but Start anyway.

Today I decided to start. I’ll use my little light to dispel someone’s darkness of ignorance, however insignificant it may seem. And if it is only one person that is helped through this, I’m glad that I started anyway.

Whatever it is that you’ve been planning to do GET ON WITH IT!

P.S Need advice on how to ‘get on with it? I’d be happy to help. Say hello and we’ll connect.

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